DB CENTER is a revolutionary platform introduced right now in Pakistan for the people who want to get the details of any specific number. Here, you can get the data of more than 150 million people for whatever reasons. But, you have to put the number of the person on the search bar. In return, this platform will provide you the Address and name of the person who is constantly calling you, making you feel annoyed.

In other words, this platform provides you the services of confidential details of any third party. In the past few years, many people have complained into the forums in Pakistan, especially the females, who were constantly getting calls and messages from an unknown person. They have nothing to do with the person, and they couldn’t get the person's details to report it to the higher authorities.

However, with DATABASE DATA CENTER, everything is quite a handful for you to do so. Like, you can easily report the person in the Police or any other Pakistan sector dealing with digital harassment or teasing. When you know the name and address of the third party, it will become easier for you to identify the number and perform adequate action against them.

The reason for creating this platform wasn’t all about using it for negative purposes. Although there would be many people who find this Platform can use it in the wrong way. But, it’s not that impactful or dangerous for others. The amount of information available on this platform is not crystal clear, which would easily give the other person an idea to do something harmful.

Anyone who wants to use it with harmful intentions would not make it better for themselves because the only way to identify the address or name of the person is possible when you have the required information available to enter.

Besides putting the number, the DB CENTER would also tell you the similar details of a person by entering their CNIC no, which is the Pakistani National Identity Card Number. After you put the number, it will tell you the similar details that we have discussed above.

The positive impact of this platform is that anyone who is getting stressed with the harmful or dangerous threats from others. They would easily trace their Address and name to report it to the desired institutions of Pakistan.

DBCENTER has come up with a website for now, and many other improvements will be made in the future on to this platform for the users' convenience. However, the best thing about this platform is that your Data would never compromise. Like the other person or third party would never get to know about the data you have tracked about them at all. Meanwhile, the advanced security system of this platform will never allow others to hack anything. Also, it will later provide an App, so anyone who wants these services can get it all the time on their smartphones.