Reservation of Rights:

We have the right to shut down the services whenever we find them beneficial for ourselves. As it’s confidential data, we have a store to the website, which might raise concerns for us in the future. However, we are always trying to provide the services to our users who need them to solve any personal issues. And that’s what, pushing us forward.

Besides that, we have plans to earn from Google Adsense on this website, which is advertising services that provide an ideal amount for the number of traffic generated on the ads. However, we do have the right to offer the platform services for some money in the future. For now, you will get it for free, but it may or may not turns into a paid service.


One of the significant factors that are constantly under observation is the security of this website. Whenever you visit this website to put any information and getting its results, your data will never be compromised at all. Meanwhile, the information available on the database will also never compromise for any reason. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything related to the security of the website. Everything is under control among the DB Datacenter, and it will never use for negative purposes or never transferred to any third party in terms of money-making.

Data Up-gradation:

Everything you are looking into, this platform will constantly refresh after every week or month. The reason behind this is to add more data into the website database and make the platform useful for others to acquire as much information as they can. The data is taken off the Pakistan citizens; however, we are expanding it for Afghanistan and many other countries. So later, people from different countries would also get the information of someone else.