Android Application

Mobile Tracker Application

The Android Application of the DBCENTER is in the working stage and is expected to release soon. The working capabilities of the DBCENTER Android application will be pretty similar to the True Caller; however, it will have an extra crisp of services that you have to get in the Truecaller in the paid version.

After the Android application is launched for you, you need to install it on your mobile phone. After that, anytime an anonymous person will call you on the mobile phone, you will get the number details straight away onto the screen. So yes, it will show you all of the essential information on the home screen that is important for you to get the other person's details.

The usage of this App will be anonymous as nobody will get the clue that you are spontaneously getting their details on the Number. Apart from that, the DBCENTER phone application will try to be as responsive as possible. In other words, anytime a person will call you anonymously, their details available onto the screen will never make any speed performance in the mobile. Usually, apps with such types of functionalities tend to lose their speed performance.