10 Proven Ways to Protect Your Online Identity

With more advancements and usage of the internet, the personal identity of a human being is getting compromised. Due to these reasons, the hacker industry is working hard to theft the personal data of internet users and then blackmails them into earning money.

That’s not a myth; there have been a lot of cases that occurred in the past where many people would have to go bankrupt or deal with financial and personal issues due to their identity being exposed in the online world. Due to these reasons, it has become crucial for many people to protect their identity online.

If you are looking for different ways to help you successfully hide or protect your identity online, you have come to the right place. Today, we will be talking about the best ways to follow to use the online services without any hurdles safely.


Use of Private Data Protection:

In the online world, there are various services available from reliable companies or services that are meant to be providing you protection over your Social media Accounts, Private messenger apps, Emails, and many more.

The reasons for using personal data protection will help you to restrict all of the roadmaps for the hackers that wouldn’t lead them towards the final data. It’s a security suite where you will get a lot of support. So, thinking about this way would be a better option for you.


Choose Strong Passwords:

The majority of people would try to hack your Emails or Social media Accounts. In return, they try to haunt you with whatever they can to get money or bad favors. Therefore, you need to be careful when setting up the password.

The more complex password and longer tends to take a lot of hurdles to crack and then be used by the Hackers.

Hence, it would be an excellent option to choose strong passwords for your online accounts with a higher risk of getting hacked. If you have some personal information over there, it would be more mandatory for you to use stronger passwords. Based on that, you can keep your identity protected against them.


Look For Blacklisting Feature on the Browser:

Ever well-known and reputable Browser on the internet contains the options of Blacklisting for the users. Based on that, you can help yourself only get into the websites meant to be safe and secure for you to visit.

The blacklisting feature comes with features and functionalities where you can set them up depending upon your needs and demands.

Following that, the browsers will only show you the recommended and safe websites. Therefore, you will never get trapped in the data theft issue again.


Don’t Attract towards Phishing Scams:

Education and recognition of phishing scams have become so important these days. Many fake and untrustworthy people are making online users fools to steal their identity and personal information.

The phishing scams occur in the Email address inbox section most of the time. Try not to get into the fake dig hole of these phishing scams, especially when the sender is unknown to you.

The email address providers usually mention the security alert with the emails that are not good for you.

Therefore, you need to look after that security alerts and never get into the lucrative traps. You can easily be safe from keeping your online identity safe by doing this.


Protect your Internet Services:

The Wi-Fi services you tend to use must not need to be public to every person near it. Try to keep it protected with strong passwords so nobody can access them at any cost. The majority of the cases occurred in the past where the hackers used the public Wi-Fi services, and then they got into the personal information to hack the details of the person who have been using the internet.

Apart from setting a tough password for the router, you should use the Encryption feature that is mostly available in the routers. It helps in protecting the sensitive data that you send or use online. So, you can be safe from double sides at the same time.


Try to keep the information Personal on Social Media Accounts:

The majority of the people have the terrible habit of writing all of their personal information on their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, and many more.

 Many people used to find such accounts to steal the information from there to use it for various blackmailing reasons later.

If you have already done that, try to remove the data now. Only give personal information to someone on social media that is trustworthy.

Keeping the information like your Job or business details is something else. Therefore, you would never have any issues with it. However, sharing the mobile numbers is not acceptable.


Never Enable Cookies for Every Website:

You should only Enable the Cookies for a website when you are sure that the website is trustworthy and can provide you any benefits. Someone who is unknown on the online web and allows the cookies options for them would raise several issues for you.

In general, cookies are the details stored on your Laptop or computer device so the website owners would identify your interests and the type of searches you do.

Not every website uses it for the same reasons. There are a lot of hackers who have created websites to store cookies on your device and then use them for a variety of bad purposes.


Never Make Transactions on Untrustworthy Sites:

You would see many websites meant to provide you with some service. In return, they would ask you to enter the payment details to get those services. You can consider e-commerce sites, tools sites, or many other options.

The important thing that you need to understand here is never trying to put the details for every website. Giving the payment details can create hurdles for you to lose all of your money available in the bank account. Otherwise, using a credit card for the same reasons would also become challenging for you.

Therefore, only go for the highly reliable websites and famous in the whole world. These types of websites are only liable to protect the transactional details of any person without any hurdles. They used to pay for top-notch security services that would help protect all of your data with the best they could. So, try to think about that to keep your online identity safe.


Lock Your Phones:

A smartphone does come with the features you are supposed to use on your Laptop or Pc. Like, you have the option to use mobile banking to receive or send money or the use of Social media accounts, including the email address.

This information is crucial for you as you can lose a lot of things if anybody gets the details. Therefore, you have the option to use the secure password feature on your mobile phones to lock it for others not to access your details quickly.

Majority of the time, your family or friend circles people want to know something about. Therefore, they can use their relationship to access your mobile if it doesn’t contain any lock password. In that case, you would get a lot of issues that could be related to your or the finances.

 Hence, you need to make sure that the passwords are set up appropriately to remain safe from personal online data theft.

While using the Password, try to consider the toughest options available on your phone. These days, face and finger sensor detections are mostly used.

 Therefore, you can consider keeping your details on a mobile phone perfectly safer.


Not to recycle the financial statements:

Whenever you are trying to use any bank services, there might be the possibility that you have to use the bank statements for that. Else, there could be another information form where you have to put the data to let the process happen for you.

Here, you don’t have to recycle those documents or bank statements as they can be wrongly used by someone else who can read the personal information that you have written on it.

Try to shred it as soon as you have done the work. Try to use a new document or bank statement whenever you go again. In this way, you can easily keep yourself safe from any Money theft from your account due to your bank statement details.

In the past, such issues have occurred a lot with the people, which have led them to face a massive financial loss of their lives. So, it would help if you were careful about that.