DBcenter.us is a free and easy-to-use one-stop platform where you can get a Pakistani Citizen SIM card and CNIC details. Within the platform, numerous features can entertain you for various purposes. So, let's discuss them in the below section.


After you open the website, the first thing you will get to see is the list of features in the menu bar. Those features are beautifully included in categories and have different purposes for usage, and you can click on whatever feature is important and useful for you.

Scrolling down a bit will show you the Text field, where you will be asked to enter the SIM Card or CNIC number to get the personal details of a Pakistani citizen. Depending upon your needs, you can enter the information in the text field and click on the search button. Now, wait for a moment until the system gets you the details from the database uploaded on the website's backend. It takes some time, so you have to wait for it.

If you are looking for some Blog posts or informational content, you will get it below the Text field where the latest blog posts are available. These blog posts are relevant to the platform and discuss various other things. Acquiring some knowledge from those blog posts is a great option.

Below, you will get full-fledged information about the platform, like why you should use it and for what purpose it's introduced on the internet. It's a worthy section for anyone to read and learn about the platform.

In the below section, the footer bar contains the links to various other pages that are helpful for navigational purposes. So, if you find some issues while navigating the website, you can consider the footer section links.


Search Ownership:

The first feature is the Search ownership that can get you the personal details of a SIM Card owner on the screen. This section aims to get you a handful of data of any SIM card owner teasing you, or it's for some other reason.

In the text field, you must enter the last ten digits of the SIM Card number and click on the search button. It will take some time to get you the details on the screen. Meanwhile, some of the SIM card number details will not appear on the screen for you. That data is either fresh or needs to be updated on the Database. So, you need to wait for some days and again try the SIM card number to get the details once it's updated on the database.

In the Search ownership section, you will get the Name, Address, and CNIC details of the SIM Card number entered in the text field.

CNIC Info:

The CNIC Info section is for those looking for the personal information of a CNIC cardholder of a Pakistani citizen. Following the instructions, you must enter the CNIC number into the text field to get the data on the screen.

After you enter the CNIC number, Name, CNIC Number, Address, and list of SIM Card numbers registered on the CNIC will show up on the screen. You can make ideal use of this information per your needs.

Check Bill:

In the Check bill section, you will get drop-down menus of Gas and Electricity Bills. Depending upon your needs, you can click on the drop-down menu. Now, enter the Billing information and get the information on the screen.

The platform has included the details of Pakistani Cities Gas and Electricity company details. So, you can click on the desired Company details to get the bill information on the screen.


In the Excise section, you have the option to the verification Vehicles that are registered in Punjab or KPK. Enter the vehicle details required by the platform to get the information on the screen.


The Licence section will help you to do the Licence verification of a person who is from Punjab or KPK. You have to enter the relevant information in the text field required by the platform.


First of all, the reason you should go with DBCenter.us is that you can use the services for free. This is the only platform on the internet that can give you detailed personal information about a CNIC or SIM card. Apart from that, it's reliable for you to use this platform because it provides transparent information without any mistakes. You can verify whatever information will be shown on the screen.

The secure structure of this platform makes it much better for anyone to use without worrying about getting caught by others. It's like you visit the website and performing every activity anonymously, which is great.