Difference Between DBCENTER and Truecaller

What is the Difference between DBCENTER and True Caller?

The crime rate and threats on a mobile phones have increased a lot in the past few years. While these things have emerged a lot, many tools come out online that can quickly help an individual identify who one is calling them and other important information.

While many applications are available on the internet, people are still curious to know about the ones that are reliable and good to use for the same purpose. In this article, we will talk about the two different tools you can use to identify the information of a person calling you. What is the difference between these two tools? That’s what you will get to know about. So, let’s begin the article.


Database Data Center is an online-free platform that is introduced right now for the people of Pakistan where they can easily track the record of any number for whatever purposes. This platform is providing services for free to visitors in Pakistan right now. However, the services will be expanded in the future for other countries too.

Right now, the essential information of 150 million people is available in the DBCENTER. But, it’s upgrading every week and month, which is outstanding.

Apart from putting the phone number, you can also put any CNIC number to get the list of registered numbers on the same CNIC. Here, you can take leverage from this platform to block the list of numbers that you are not using right now to register another number.

The numbers saved on the DB CENTER database are curated from different resources like classified sites, Social media sites, and other resources.

Creating the Database Datacenter is due to the complaints that females and males were kept sharing in the local forums of Pakistan about the anonymous persons who kept teasing them for no reason. Tailoring that factor, this platform is created for free for the people In Pakistan. As said earlier, it will soon be available for other countries too.

DB CENTER has been designed by the experts of the Technology sector who have taken the help of advanced technology systems and other things that can fully assure that every user who is using this platform for whatever purpose, their data will never compromise for any reason. Also, no third party has the reasons to access the database of the DB CENTER due to the advanced security system. Also, it will remain accessible for the users no matter at what stage it will come out in the competition.

What are the Features of the DBCENTER?

In DBCENTER, you will get two features to track the data of a particular person. Both options are available on the same search bar, where you have to either put the Contact number or the CNIC number to track the information.

Let say you have the number of a person; you can quickly put the number in the search bar. After that, click on the search button to get the data of the number, including Name, CNIC number, Address. If you want to acquire more data of the specific number, then the CNIC number registered on the number has to be entered in the search box, and you will get the data like a list of numbers, Names, and addresses.

If you want to know the mobile numbers of a specific person, you can use the CNIC feature by putting the details. In return, the platform will tell you about the list of numbers associated with the CNIC.

What Is a True Caller?

True caller is a smartphone application released to provide the facilities to the users who can easily track the name of the person whose number is not saved on their mobile phone. With this feature, they can quickly analyze the name who is calling them on a mobile phone. The exciting thing about this application is that it will tell you the name of the person at the time they call you. Hence, everything happens spontaneously for you.

The True caller grabs the data of the phone number with the help of social sites. Everything related to a person, including the email ids, contact name, and phone number, are all stored on the true caller server. So, whenever a person calls you, it will show you the data from the same server if you have activated the true caller application.

What are the Features of True Caller?

You can get pretty much a lot of the features in the True caller such as Caller ID, Important Tab, Organized and spam-free inbox, Spam blocking, intelligent dialer, Record phone calls, Smart integrations, and many more.

Major Differences between DBCENTER and True Call



  • Nobody would know you are tracking their data.
  • It doesn’t require your personal information to access the database.
  • It comes with easy to understand interface.
  • You can get the information of the person, including name, Address, and CNIC.
  • You can enter the CNIC to get the name, address, and list of contact numbers associated with it.
  • It’s free, and you don’t have to pay a single penny to the service providers.
  • If you want to use Database Data Center, you don’t need to sign in.


True Caller:

  • If both numbers use True caller, then notification would be sent to the other person that someone sees their data.
  • It requires your Personal information along with access to images and contacts to use the database.
  • It comes with a complex interface that is hard to understand for a new person.
  • The information is limited.
  • You can’t get the data through the CNIC.
  • The basic plan is free, where you will only get caller id and spam blocking feature. However, the rest of the services are available in the premium and gold category, for that you have to spend money.
  • You need to put the Sign-in information to use the True caller.