Everything You Need to Know About Finding SIM Owner Details Online

In the past few years, mobile technology has changed a lot. In the past 10 or 15 years, you would have mobile phones only to call and message other people. Rest, there were no further advanced features anyone would get on that phone.

If we talk about the current times, different types of smartphone devices are available for the users. Yes, you are not only limited to do Calls or messages on the numbers. However, there are a lot of other features as well to use in smartphones. In simple words, smartphones are taking the positions of laptops and computers because all of the essential things are easy to perform on these devices, making them quite useful.

Despite all these advancements in Mobile phone technology, there is still one thing that is the same. Yes, we are talking about the SIM cards in the same technology format, and it has never changed for any reason. Without the SIM Card, you can’t make phone calls or messages through numbers to anyone. However, it will be only limited to the usage of the Internet.

If we talk about the usage of SIM Cards, so it has taken a drastic change. In the past, there were no limitations of using SIM Cards and people used to have a lot of SIM cards for various reasons. However, now, the Government of Pakistan has made a rule for every SIM cardholder to register their SIM Cards on CNIC. Otherwise, the person has not been able to use the SIM Card. Here, the primary reason for CNIC registration is to track anyone who does anything wrong with the SIM card and is used for any destructive activity.

Since the SIM cards are now registered on CNIC, the ownership Details of SIM Cards have also become a hot topic. Because different peoples have different concerns about checking the owner name and CNIC of any SIM, so today, we will let you know all about it in the below section.


Is the SIM Owner Details App are Worth it to Get the Details?

Since the SIM Cards have started getting registered on CNIC numbers for usage purposes, many developers in the market have released the SIM Ownership detail finding apps in the market. If you check the Google Play Store or Apple Store, you will know about several applications.

In general, all these applications have nothing to do with providing you with accurate details on the mobile phone. You can’t quickly check SIM owner names by mobile number online from random apps. For that, you have to buy paid software’s that charges some amount from you and provide you with the access to get the details of any SIM owner. However, anyone that is being in the market for providing you with free services is rare. Plus, you won’t get that outstanding services from the free ones. So your data would be on the radar to be theft by the free software providers.

In simple words, there are several paid ones available in the market that are good for getting the SIM owner details online. However, not everyone is well aware of the payment methods to get these services. Therefore, it becomes a big no for a lot of the users to not consider this way. Meanwhile, the free options are pretty risky, and you won’t get the full details like name, address, CNIC, and many more information.


How To Get SIM Details Online by Number? (Free Method)

Getting the SIM Details online is very simple with the help of a phone number. You might be wondering that is it free or paid? Well, everything is free for this method to get the details by number.

DB CENTER is a free platform that you can easily use on your Smartphones, Laptops, or PC to get the details of any specific person by entering their details like Numbers. All you need to do is visit the official website of DBCENTER and put the mobile phone number on to the Search bar available on the home screen. After that, click on the search bar option.

On the screen, you will get the entire SIM Details online by just putting the Number. Remember, when you are placing the number onto the search bar, remove 0 from the start. Otherwise, it will not search for the details for you. Moreover, the use of the Database Data Center is free, and you don’t have to pay a single penny to anyone.


How to Get SIM Owner Details Online By number? (Paid Method):

While there are several paid methods available online that you can use to get the SIM owner details, we are here to only talk about the one famous Application known as True Caller.

The use of True caller is on top in the whole world. However, it comes with different packages for the users. Like, the True Caller basic package contains only the spam Blocking and Caller ID option. However, the True Caller has Premium and gold methods where you can get several other features to get the details of a SIM owner by the numbers.

The Amount for every package is different. Therefore, you have to check it out by getting into the official app of True caller. Moreover, you will get the details of other True Caller competitors like Call Block, Caller id, Hiya, Call app, Trap Call, and many more. All these platforms are also helpful for getting the information for yourself.


How Many Sims are Registered on my CNIC? 

You might be looking to register a new SIM on your CNIC but founded that it already have registered on the given number of limits from the Government. Now, you are not capable of registering any new SIM. But, you are at the same time wondering what company numbers I have registered on my CNIC and what are those numbers? In that situation, all you are looking to find is the number of SIMs registered against your CNIC number.

There are several methods that you can look upon to find the registered numbers on your CNIC. So, let’s discuss those methods in the below section.


Through PTA SIM Information Website:

The first method you can consider is the official PTA website that will tell you about the numbers registered on your CNIC. The good thing about this website is that it can tell you how many SIMS are of Jazz, Warid, Zong, Telenor, or Ufone by showing it in the tablet form. However, you wouldn’t get the details of the numbers.

To access the PTA website, all you need is to type CNIC.sims.pk. It will take you to the home page, where you can check the list of mobile phone numbers that are registered on your CNIC. On the home page, you will see the CNIC option popping onto the screen. Click on that option and put the CNIC number in the search bar. From there, you will quickly get a list of details.


Through SMS:

If you don’t have a smartphone device or don’t know how to use it, then the best way to get the details of the numbers registered on your CNIC is possible with SMS.

First of all, open the Text message application on your mobile phone. On the Contact number section, type 668. However, Enter the CNIC number without hyphens onto the message bar and press the Send button. After a few minutes, you will receive a message on the mobile phone that will show you the details of the mobile phone company numbers active on the CNIC. However, you will only get the information of Telecommunication Company but not the exact number. Meanwhile, you have to pay some amount for the message that you are explicitly sending to 668.



As we said earlier, Database Data Centre is an online platform where you can quickly get the details of any Contact number, including Address, name, and CNIC number. However, another fantastic thing about DB Datacenter is that it can freely tell you about the list of numbers registered on a specific CNIC.

In the above two methods, you would only get the details of the telecommunication companies names in the results and the list of numbers. However, the DB Datacenter will tell you about the list of numbers registered on the CNIC, including the address, name, and the full number. So, in simple words, you will get the whole number onto the screen that is registered on the CNIC. So, it would be easy for you in the future to block that specific number and register a new one.

The best part about DB Datacenter is that it’s free for everyone. You don’t have to pay a single penny to anyone for the services. Meanwhile, the platform is entirely secure to use by anyone.


How to Get SIM Number Information with Name and Address?

You might be stressed or depressed because a person is continuously teasing you for no reason on the Mobile phone. As a female, you would not be capable of doing anything and feeling afraid to tell any male person in the home as they might judge you on this.

In that situation, you only can blackmail the other person if you get their name or address details registered on the SIM. Else, you can also give similar information to the legal authorities to let them take action against the person.

The question that arises here is how you can get the SIM number information with name and address? For that, you need to access DBCENTER on the Laptop or Mobile phone by typing the official web address to the Browsers domain address bar. From there, it will take you to the official page of DBCENTER Data.

On the Home page, you will get two options to enter, such as CNIC or Mobile phone. Type any of the options to get the details like the Name and Address of the SIM number.


DB CENTER or True Caller? Which one is best for Finding SIM owner details online?

In general, both of the platforms are good for you to Find the SIM owner details online. But, there are some essential things that you need to know about them in detail.


Database Data Center:

Starting from the DBCENTER, it’s the type of application or web platform where you can easily get the Name, Address, and CNIC number of any number you put on the Website. Moreover, every detail that you will get on the screen is entirely free. Apart from that, you can reverse the step of finding the number details by putting the CNIC data into the search bar. It will help you to get the details of other numbers that are associated with the CNIC. So, in general, you will get more and more data.

The best thing about DBCENTER is that it’s anonymous for everyone to use. Like, nobody would get the idea that you are checking their number. Meanwhile, your own identity will remain as secure as possible with a similar application. These are the essential things, which makes this app suitable to use.


True Caller: 

True Caller is a well-known Application that offers services to more than 40+ countries. Since it has become popular in so many countries, there are many effective services, which you can use by paying for the subscription charges. If you can bear those charges, you can quickly get the details of SIM owners from True Caller on a premium or Gold Account.

However, the free account only offers you the Caller ID and Spam blocking features. There’s nothing else you would expect from this application. Also, the True caller never assures that your details are not prompting someone else. In simple words, if you are checking someone's details and the person is using True Caller, they will get the notification that you are getting their information from the app.


Can I Check any Telecommunication SIM Owner Details Online?

In Pakistan, you can use telecommunications services like Telenor, Zong, Mobilink, Ufone, and SCOM. SCOM is preferably for the users of Azad Kashmir; however, the rest of the SIMS are good to use in other parts of Pakistan.

The question arises in your mind: Is it possible to check any Telecommunication SIM Owner Details online, including Mobilink, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone. Well, the answer to this question is yes. You can quickly check any Telecommunication Company based SIM ownership details.

All you need to do is go to the official website of DBCENTER and Type in any of the Pakistan Telecommunication numbers on the Search bar. Make sure to remove the 0 digits from the start. Now, click on the start button to get the data of the SIM owner, including Name, CNIC, and Address.


Is it Safe to Find SIM Owner Details Online?

Usually, Pakistan Government has no such rules where you can find the SIM ownership details of any person without letting anybody know. You must be accountable for any experience if you are using the services intending to cause harm to someone else.

In general, you can find Sim Owner Details online with the help of Applications or platforms available. However, one major issue in the free platforms is that they are unreliable, so you would get into significant trouble if any free service providers use your data for any misuse. In simple words, you will also become a primary victim.

To stay safe from such types of Safety issues, you need to ensure that the platform you are using for Finding SIM owner details must be reliable and verified. Also, it would be something that has already been in talk, or someone has assured you to use it for the same purpose. In that way, you will remain safe and can easily use the application without any hurdles.

Major other important thing that creates the positive and reliable factors about the app is its positive reviews on the online forums. But, you might wonder which one would be the best online service or application that you can use to find SIM ownership details. Well, there are two services as True Caller and DBCENTER. Both of them are good to use in terms of safety perspectives.

If you don’ wants to spend a penny on the service and get the Details of any SIM owner, then you should try DBCENTER. It offers the SIM Owner details online with Name, Address, and CNIC. Moreover, the procedure of the DBCENTER is secure for anyone. You can use it anonymously, and it will never compensate for your personal information. Also, it is easy to use by anyone.

On the other hand, True Caller comes with premium and gold category membership if you want their advanced services. Hence, it would be a good option for those who can afford paid memberships.


What is the SIM Verification Process? (As per PTA):

In Pakistan, four different Telecommunication companies SIMS are used considerably, Such as Telenor, Mobilink, Ufone and ZONG. If you are looking to check out the Verification process of Each SIM for a specific CNIC, then carefully read the below sections.

Zong: If you are a Zong User, you need to send “V” to 7911 with your Zong number. It will quickly verify the ZONG number.

Ufone: The Ufone users have to dial *336#. On the screen, you will see some options. So, you need to press one, and it will send you back about the numbers verification status.

Telenor: You can quickly get the idea of a number that it’s biometrically verified or not by sending an SMS to 7751. It will tell you the whole verification details.

Mobilink: The last one is Mobilink, whose checking the verification status of a number is also simple. All you need to do is to send your CNIC number to 6001. Make sure to send the message from the same SIM that you have registered for a similar CNIC number.


Can Finding SIM Owner Details Online is Beneficial for you?

It depends differently on every user who is intended to find the SIM ownership details. There would be various females who are depressed and anxious that some people are teasing them on the mobile phone. So for that type of person, it would be a good option for the females to use online applications like DBCENTER to find the SIM ownership Details. So later, they can alert the other person not to tease them; otherwise, their details will be handover to the legal authorities with an FIR on the owner of the SIM Card user.

Another significant benefit of finding the SIM Ownership details is that they can help you for personal or business reasons. For example, you are doing a restaurant or another type of business where online delivery is possible within the town. If you want to get safe from any scam or fake orders, you can use the Applications where finding the SIM ownership Details would be possible to compare the data provided onto the order. If there is anything fishy, you can tell the person about it and sue them if anything is done wrong from their side.


Best Apps for SIM Owner Details:

On the Android or IOS Store, you would see a lot of the available applications to offer you the SIM owner Details online. However, none of them is providing you with the details for free. Also, there are no possibilities that some of them even can show you every possible data.

If you want to use an entirely free App and provide you with the primary details of a number, including Name, Address, and CNIC, you have to use DBCENTER. However, it’s free to use and comes with advanced security systems and prototypes to help you search for anything anonymously.