How Much of the Internet is on AWS 2021

Amazon Web Services or AWS was introduced back in 2006 after facing the Market Gap of the Web services lacking for many users, and it becomes a demand. Suppose we would say that AWS was the first company that started offering the Modern Cloud Infrastructure as the primary service to others, so there is nothing wrong. Whether it’s about data Storage or Hosting, this platform has amazed the Customers with its reliability and effective services.

Anyone running an essential Website, Advanced, or Corporate level site can use the web hosting services of AWS to get better results. Apart from that, the Deployment of Machine learning, BlockChain, and many more things are possible with these same Services.

The Market Share of AWS is approximately overtaking 5.8% of the market share, which is a huge thing to be considered. On the other hand, GoDaddy Group stands in the first position with approximately 6.0%. Hence, it’s expected that AWS might also overcome them in the future as the percentage gap is not as higher.


AWS Certification:

AWS Certifications are available for the people who are interested in doing it. Yes, the first course is based upon the Six-month period where you can get the AWS Cloud Fundamentals and Industry Knowledge. After that, a whole one year, of course, is also available based on Implementing and solving the solutions by using the AWS Cloud. Finally, the third course is based upon 2 years where you can learn about Operating, Designing, and Troubleshooting Solutions through AWS Cloud usage.

The use of AWS Based Services is evident in the market. Therefore, its certification caps a lot of the demand. At the same time, it’s not an easy job to do the Certification of AWS, but it’s possible for anyone who devotes time and energy to learning these things. You have to cover the whole ground information to learn perfectly about AWS and get its certification.

The Cost of AWS certification is different based upon the Type of Certificate you want to do. For example, the initial Certification that takes six months is usually available for $100, associate Certification costs $150, and the Professional-level Certification costs you approximately $300.


Jobs and Salary:

The companies are transferring their Data from Physical Computing Technology onto the clouds. It’s not like the Natural cloud that you see into the Sky. But, it’s a database, which you can purchase to store personal company information. Well, the good thing here is that most people consider the AWS services. But, at the same time, there are very few who understand its proper usage.

The positive aspect of this situation is that the jobs of AWS experts are numerous. People have just started adopting this technology. Therefore, its demand is increasing along with the GAP is still void, and you can fill it with extensive learning. The jobs will surely come for AWS experts in various sectors without any doubts.

Apart from that, AWS Salaries are also a significant point that comes to the mind of every person. Why? Because money is the one compelling aspect that many people usually want to consider when learning anything.

A person living in Asia would quickly get anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 as a newly learned person with the capabilities of managing everything to an extent. However, people living in Europe, America, and any other country usually earn anywhere from $10,000 to $13,000 from the same expertise.


Advantages/Disadvantages AWS



Flexible: The majority of the companies consider the AWS system for their Data management or storage because it provides flexibility. The Flexible approach is used here to get the list of features and functionalities that are seamless to use.

User Friendly: The quick and secure access of AWS account gives you a sense of relief for its user-friendliness. Whenever and wherever you want to modify or replace the data, it’s easy to do with just a few clicks using the AWS platform. Moreover, every detail will be provided to you through Documentation and video format to understand the Services usage better.

Secure: For a big business, it’s vital to maintain the data and keep it in a safe environment. Due to these reasons, the usage of AWS would be an outstanding option as it comes with really secure features for the customers. For Data Surveillance, the platform has used Different layers of Security that will clear all the doubts for you.

Reliable: Amazon is a well-known platform whose services are spread to more than 200 countries. Therefore, the reliability of its services never makes a question mark at all. If you are serious about considering a good service, then AWS would provide you the ultimate support and security in uncertain points, which is impossible to consider from anywhere else.

Cost-Effective: Another fantastic thing about AWS is the cost-effectiveness of this Software. For the storing of Data or Applications, the Traditional methods insist you build the servers. It would be quite an expensive investment; therefore, the use of AWS would allow you to get all of the required Services and tools at once place instead of buying them individually. So it reduces the cost of taking multiple services and becomes a cheaper option for you as well.



Less Experts Available: The infrastructure of AWS is pretty Complex, and it’s recently been adopted by various businesses. Therefore, many companies have to hire experts for the reasons of working on the Cloud Infrastructure. At the same time, there are a lot of hurdles in finding the right experts for AWS as the number of people working well on it is minimum. Hence, it wastes money and time to find the right person.

Limitations: Regarding Security and EC2, you would face a lot of Limitations. That’s the major problem that exists most of the time, and it’s causing issues with every business. Also, the difficulties differ from region to region for the Default Resources.

Price Variation: Taxes, Electricity, Fiber, Cost of land, and region to region are the primary factors that make the prices variations in the service taking of AWS. Also, the additional tech support is another primary reason for its expenses to differentiate. Therefore, you will see differentiation in the Monthly bills that most probably create the drawbacks to consider AWS services.


AWS Azure vs. Google Cloud Comparison:



  • AWS is the Web Services of Amazon who is the top eCommerce platform in the world. AWS is the Demand Cloud-computing of this Parent company for Government, Companies, and individuals.
  • The Availability of AWS Services is to date for 66 Zones; however, it’s expected to increase and will be available for 78 Zones in the future.
  • The Strengths of AWS tell us that it has a dominant market position, mature offerings, Extensive Training, Global Reach, and Support for Large organizations.
  • The Weaknesses tell us that it has overwhelming options, Cost management issues, and is Hard to use.



  • Azure is the Clouding Computing services of the Microsoft Corporation owned by the former richest person of the world Bill Gates. At first, the name of this service was Azure that later changed into Microsoft Azure. 
  • Azure is available in more than 54 Regions; however, the countries it’s targeting are more than 140.
  • The Strengths of Microsoft Azure tell us that it’s the second-largest provider, Hybrid Cloud system; Open source support, Broader Feature set, Integration with Microsoft Software’s/Tools, and many more.
  • The Weaknesses of Microsoft azure are the Incomplete Management Tooling and issue with Documentation.


Google Cloud:

  • Google cloud is the Cloud Computing service that is offered by the well-known Search Engine Google. Its usage is ideal for every individual, Company, and Government.
  • The Google Cloud Platform is available right now for around 20 regions, and it’s expected to be available for three more areas soon.
  • The Strengths of Google Cloud tell us that it has DevOps Expertise, Deep Discounts and Flexible Contracts, Portability, and Cloud-native Businesses.
  • The weaknesses of Google cloud Computing Tell us that it has few services and features, Not Enterprise focused historically and is a Late Entrant to the IaaS market.


Why is AWS better and Important than Other Cloud Providers?

If we talk about the Availability of AWS Based Services, it's considerably significant compared to others in the market. You will quickly get pretty much all types of services that are important. In addition, its infrastructure is substantially more robust than other types of Cloud Computing systems available in the market in terms of Databases, Storage, Compute, and other factors. Meanwhile, similar support is evident to the latest technologies such as IoT, Data analytics, Data Lakes, AI, and Machine learning.

It will be better for you than other services available in the market due to the reliability and security. When you consider its services, there would be no reasons left for you about the data integrity. The Platform has set up advanced Data centers that are constantly trying to hide as much information as possible, including the Locations. So, your investment in AWS services will make a difference in terms of supportive and reliable services, which is outstanding. Plus, the data will never get stolen or crashed even if the system has any issues because you will get them back up.

On the other hand, Flexibility is another major factor that insists every person consider the AWS cloud services compared to others. All these factors sum up significant differences for you that need to be felt throughout the time.