How can DBCENTER help you to be Safe from Callers Scams and Threats in Pakistan

Scammers are available in the whole world. By whatever reasons or means, they always try to harm you with their innocence and sometimes they become a threat to you, which you couldn’t handle as easily. Why? Because you get afraid to face any harsh situation that isn’t bearable for you and your family members.

But now, everything is pretty much in your hands after the release of the DB CENTER. It can help you safe from any issues that would occur in your personal life or business due to the scammers. So, how DBCENTER would be a useful option for you? Let’s discuss that In detail.

Reasons You Can Get Safe from Mobile Phone Scams:


Running an online business:

You might have just started an online business that would be of any specific category. However, most of the customers that appear on your products are from e-commerce or Social media sites. Therefore, possibilities are higher that you have posted an ad on different Social media sites so the customers would see the product and buy it from you.

At the same time, you have set up a Cash-on-deliver (COD) option for sending the products to the desired address. But wait, how would you identify that the person is wasting your money on the COD services. Well, you can easily idealize it with the help of the DBCENTER.

Whenever a customer wants to buy a product from you, they have to provide you with the address, name and mobile phone number so that the rider can reach their location and call them out to collect the delivery.

While you are sending them the parcel, it’s pretty much a fishy situation for you to believe that the customer has given the correct address, number, and name. If you want to identify that, you can quickly put the mobile number on to the DBCENTER to collect the associated address and name on the same number. Most of the time, females use their brothers or father number in the information section. However, the address always comes out the same. You can easily compare the address with the information that is given to you. If it’s wrong, you can further take other actions against the buyer. So, it will keep you safe from wasting money on COD.


Delivering Food as a local to any address:

The food business has also increased online after people used to order it by sitting in their homes. Unfortunately, while it’s an outstanding option for financial stability, many people misuse this facility. For example, some orders the food and tell the wrong name, address, and number. Therefore, it will cost you money to spend on food preparation and the delivery charges.

The best way to cope with such situations is to enter the number on DBCENTER. It will show the right information about the number that the customer provides. If anything is irrelevant, you can easily copy the whole situation. Also, you can file a case against them if they were caught providing fake information. Sadly, it has happened to a lot of people in the past times. However, nothing will happen again after using DB Datacenter.


Catch the person threatening you:

It might be possible that you are running a business that is flourishing well in the market. Therefore, many competitors use tactics to threaten you with something hard for you to bear. Like, they would threaten you to kidnap your family if you didn’t shut down the business. These things pretty much give you the idea that someone from the market is doing all these things. However, you don’t know about the person behind it.

As the current policies of SIM usage have changed, the number used to be on someone CNIC number to register for the service usage purpose. Therefore, the best way to get the person who is treating you is by tracking the number information.

In this regard, you can make good use of the DBCENTER. The platform will let you know about all of the desired information that can help you to take action against the phone number owner.


Threat Someone who is Teasing You:

Another common issue circulating among Pakistan's females is that people tease them to get into a friendship or for other reasons. As women get afraid of the consequences, they used to shut their mouth and never tells anyone and remains the victim of the continuous teasing from the other party.

While this whole situation makes the women go into depression and anxiety, there is one way they can retaliate with the situation they are facing by getting the help of the DB Data Center. Yes, all a women need to do is open the platform and put the details of the number that is continuously teasing or threatening them on the phone, after getting the details of a person, including his CNIC, Name, and address. Then, the females can threaten back the person by mentioning their information. Based on that, they can warn the person to stay back with what they are doing; otherwise, the higher authorities would give the details.



Database Data Center is a well-known online phone number and CNIC information provider without charging a single subscription from the user. Any visitor can use this platform to get a number such as CNIC, Address, and name for free.

The platform is designed by the expert IT technical of Pakistan; however, the identity is confidential for several reasons. First, the platform has a database of more than 150 million people living in Pakistan. Also, no third party can directly access the whole data for any wrong type of usage. Meanwhile, your identity while using this service will remain un-anonymous, which is an impressive thing.

Apart from that, none of the data will compromise to give someone else for the money earning purposes. So everything will remain on the platform despite anyone offering whatever amount of money. Besides that, the database is upgrading every week to expect the 150 million people of data into 300 million people in the future, and it will increase further every week.

Finally, you can get the details of any telecommunication company number on this platform, such as Telenor, Ufone, Zong, Mobilink, and many more.