Pakistan NO 1 SIM Database

Are you the one who is running a business and some people threaten you to wind up the system by calling on your phone number as an anonymous person, or you are a female who gets random calls from the people who teases or threat you, or you have any friend or family member who has constantly been getting the threats from an unknown person on a mobile phone? If any of the circumstances meet your situation, then you have come to the right place.

Whether the above situations meet with you or not, it’s important to understand that there is an ideal way for you to overcome these threats issues without any hurdles. Yes, you don’t have to worry about anything as we will talk about Pakistan's No#1 SIM Database in this Article. So without any further ado, let’s talk about it in the below section.


DBCENTER (Database Data Center) is a Top-notch and Trustworthy online Platform where you will get the Details of almost any number constantly teasing you for whatever reasons. Yes, It’s a database where the Phone number details are updated every other week to make this platform useful for anybody. Right now, this platform has only the details of Pakistan Phone numbers. However, it will expand to other countries in the Future. More than 100 million numbers have already been included in the Database.

As far as DBCENTER, so the one who has established this platform is anonymous. The reason behind this is the confidentiality level of this Platform. Therefore, nobody is aware of the person who has created it. However, the best part is that this platform will remain free for anyone who comes here to find any Information Related to a number.

DBCENTER has collected the information for its database with the help of Classified Websites, Job Posting Sites, and many other Social Media platforms where the users tend to put their numbers and other personal details.

Steps to use DBCENTER?

Step 1: 

The first step starts with launching the official website of DBCENTER.UK on the Web Browser. For that, you need to type the Domain address onto the URL bar of the Browser.

Step 2: 

On the Homepage, you will see a search bar where the Platform asks you to put the Phone number or CNIC and then click on the Search button. If you put the number on the search bar, it will let you know about the address, CNIC, and Name of the person.

As it’s asking you to Enter CNIC, it would help anyone who wants to get all of the numbers registered on a single CNIC. So, you can enter the CNIC number, and it will tell you about all of the available numbers registered on the same CNIC, along with mentioning the name and address.

What are the Telecom Companies Numbers Details; You Would Get in DBCENTER?

As far as finding the number Details, there are no standard limitations of Telecom companies. You have the option to find the Details of different telecom companies, including Telenor, Ufone, Mobilink, Zong, and SCOM. Even the Details of PTCL numbers are also findable in the DBCENTER.

Those of you are unaware of SCOM services, so it’s the network used in the Kashmir Territory. Because no other SIM connections are considerably available to this location. Therefore, only SCOM is used by the people of Kashmir and GILGIT as well.

What are the Advantages of DBCENTER?

Find all the numbers of one person:

If you have the number of a person you have not contacted for a long time, and the contact number is off now, you can get to talk with them by finding their new number. Yes, you can do it with DBCENTER.

All you need is to type in the old contact number in the search bar and click on the Search button. After that, you will get the details of the Contact number, including the CNIC number, Name, and address. Now, here you need to copy the CNIC number and go back to the search bar. Paste the CNIC number and click on the Search button again. Now, the platform will pop up all of the numbers that are registered on the CNIC. Any new number will also show up on the screen, which you can later use to contact the person.

Verify the Address of Your Online Customers:

Let say you are running an online brand or service; many people call you to order the services or product. Therefore, it would be important for you to verify that every ordering person must be a reliable customer. Otherwise, you would have to face loss in terms of paying for the Courier service.

In such scenarios, you can consider the DB CENTER services. Yes, you would have to enter the number of the customer given to you and the other information. So you can put the number to get the details of the number and address. Hence, It will pretty much be clear everything is perfect or not from the customer's end.

Help you to recognize anyone who threats you:

Let say you are a female and get calls or messages from unknown numbers where all of the time, the person threatens you for no reason. In such scenarios, you would get the ideal support of the Database Data Center. Yes, all you need is to enter the number details onto the DBCenter Search bar. As a result, you will get the CNIC number, Address, and name of the person. So later, you would easily get the complaint about the number from the higher authorities. Or, you can also threaten them back by giving them all of the details of their numbers. Alongside, warn them that if they ever tease you, it will be their last chance.

Apart from that, you could consider the same scenarios with anyone who is threatening you in the business. So yes, you can threaten them back by just getting their details.

WHY is DBCENTER Reliable to Use?

DBCENTER is a Free tool for anyone; therefore, many questions arise in people's minds about whether it’s safe to use it or not? Well, it’s safe for you to use the Database Datacenter because reputable persons develop it. The security system of the DBCENTER is top-notch; hence, no one has the authority to steal any data. Even your visit to this website will remain anonymous to everyone. Even the members of the DB-CENTER have no permissions to access the data.

Any of the details that you will get on the platform will remain inside it. Not a single piece of information is stolen or sold to a third party for any reason. So, therefore, you are safe from that aspects as well.