Top 10 Help Desk Software

Are you the one living in Europe and running a business over there? If so, you would need software that can provide better options to manage information and provide a support system for the inquiries or questions that come from the customer’s side.

The old school way of handling all of the situations are outdated, and now there are several help desk software’s available for you to cater for the situations and improve business growth. 

Due to these reasons, we have come up with this article where anyone from Europe can get an idea of the top 10 help desk software. So, without further ado, let's talk about it in the below sections.


List of Top 10 Help Desk Softwares:


Jira Service Desk:

Our first pick is Jira Service desk software designed to handle the IT-related issues occurring in a company or service location. The help desk software comes with all the updated facilities and support systems that are supposed to provide you with a better chance to grow in the market by handling the customers better. For faster searches, the user can consider the self-service feature of this software.

The JIRA service desk comes with various features like Network monitoring, Knowledge base management, IT Asset Management, Ticket Management, Self Service portal, Real-time chat, Interaction Tracking, Email Integration, and customizable branding.

The second essential Help desk software is who is preferable for any company to manage their workflows and tasks easily without getting into the hassles of paperwork handling. The comes with pricing, and you can select four of their plans: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.  You will get a free trial option to check out the legitimate features of this platform.

The help desk provides you with the solutions to execute requests and streamline requests. The whole support process will be automated for you by using the software. With minimal redundant distractions, you have the option to attain more tickets.

The list of features available in the help desk includes Dashboard, Automation, Custom tags, Private boards, Time tracking, forms customization, advanced search, a map view, calendar view, and many more.


ProProfs Help desk:

The ProProfs is another excellent help desk software that provides an intuitive ticketing system to handle the customers or visitors in a user-friendly environment and manage all customer communications.

If you want to get free help desk software, it would be an excellent option to go with this one. However, the advanced features are also possible for you to use with the help of getting the paid service. It has a very low subscription charge per month, and you can enjoy the free trial for 15 days as well.

The developers of this help desk have designed it very amazingly for the customers. The support members can easily resolve, assign, or organize support-related conversations from one dashboard.

Apart from that, the agents working on the company can consider various features from the ProProfs help desk, such as Canned responses, Parent-child ticketing, Internal notes, and many more.



ZenDesk is another excellent help desk that you can use to manage Social media, email, chat, and various other things in one place. The help desk is paid, and you have to choose one package out of the available ones.

However, you can enjoy a one-month trial version to understand all of its features and decide whether to purchase the software or not for the future.

It’s like an omnichannel support software where everything related to engagement and service of the customers is considered the most. Everything that we have talked about in the above paragraph is easy for you to handle in one place with the help of this software. In other words, you can use the help desk software to build a better customer experience whenever they come to you.

The common and essential features of this Help desk allow you to handle multi-channel with an automated workflow to support the customer. It also comes with advanced analytics and strong reporting capabilities through an open API.

Therefore, you will always provide seamless support to other customers without issues. Also, it comes with good mobile support and private forums for Android, iPad, and iPhone users.



RemotePC is another excellent help desk software that is best for its ease of use and security. Anyone who thinks that help desk is a hard thing to use needs to try this one for sure.

After getting it, your hassles will go for always the rest of your life. It comes with a pricing plan, and you have to choose one out of four plans, including Consumer, SOHO, Team, and enterprise. However, the developers have offered a 30-day free trial option for the users.

You can consider RemotePC as a remote access computer. You can quickly get into your clients' computer systems by sitting anywhere in the world to offer support uniquely.

The essential things you can perform over this website include printing documents, transferring data, and managing the file. All of this is possible without being available in person.

The other essential features you would consider from this help desk are the Text/Video chat, multiple monitors view, remote session recording, and many more.


Zoho Desk:

Suppose you are looking for help desk software that offers the best ticket management capabilities over different channels like Web forms, email, social media, live chat, etc. In that case, you should consider the Zoho Desk software. It comes with a 15-day free trial option where three agents can easily use it for free. However, it would help if you continue using this help desk software after paying a maximum of $40 per month.

The software is designed to handle the daily life challenges of customers. The customization options are broader with this software, and it has a very outstanding system of easy setup approach. You would enjoy an easier team collaboration with this software, along with the best ticketing view.

It comes with all of the necessary analytics and automation that can help you improve the experience in front of the customer. It dares to connect you with multiple other business tools for better purposes. Another important thing about the software is that its award-winning. Therefore, it will provide better support for your business or service that relies upon customer support.



The combination of Project management and helpdesk is what calls as OneDesk. In simple words, these two things are the combinations that you will get from this help desk software. You can easily manage the projects and customers without switching between multiple applications with this help desk.

The users can perfectly serve their needs with the help of OneDesk, where you can get a highly customizable environment based upon your needs and desires. On top of that, the software comes with customer-facing applications such as customer portals, customizable web forms, and real-time chat.

Therefore, you can conveniently work on different projects and serve the support to the customers that they need in one place.

The major features you will enjoy from the OneDesk help desk software includes multi-channel communication, document storage, customizable branding, automated routing, knowledge base management, interaction tracking, and many more.



The Track-It helpdesk software is another fantastic option for resolving endpoint management and help desk issues efficiently. It's considered the best ticketing system and help desk software for the IT teams. With this help desk, you can perform various tasks like IT asset management, IT help desk, Change management, Knowledge management, endpoint management, and purchase management. All of this is available at an affordable cost.

Apart from that, the other essential things include Automated routing, service Level Agreement management (SLA), Ticket management, Self-service portal, and many more.


SalesForce Service Cloud:

For business efficiency, using Salesforce Service cloud help desk software is the ultimate and brilliant option for you. It comes with an advanced and lucrative technology where you can easily attain productivity through macros and ready-made templates.

The customer support of this software is brilliant due to the auto-routing and several other meaningful capabilities of this software. You will get presumptions and insights that are integrated with the AI system, and it helps to manage a lot of things in one place without any hurdles.

Apart from that, you will get several other essential features or functionalities such as Ticket management, Self-service portal, Network monitoring, IT asset management, Automated routing, Real-time Chat, and many more.



Our final pick in the list of top 10 help desk software ends with AISERA, which is the top and first AI-driven Service desk software in the market. You will get a predictive, personalized, and proactive AI customer solution with this help desk, which is outstanding for automating all of your repetitive requests in one place. The workflows and tasks will remain manageable for you due to the same help desk software. On top of that, you will never experience any lagging in the system despite having any load to the software.

Some of the essential features you will get from the software include real-time chat, Multi-channel communication, email integration, customizable branding, Ticket management, etc.