Top Free VPN for Mobile and Desktop Users

As an internet user, you have to search for many things depending upon your needs and demands. However, it’s not essential that every website or service would pop up for you. Why? Because some of the things that you have been searching on the internet have the country accessing limitations. In simple words, some websites restrict their content to only the list of countries where they want to get the traffic.

In such situations, VPNs are the ultimate solution for anyone to access the information without any hurdles. Yes, VPN is a server network that changes the IP of a particular device so the person using the Internet or device can easily access anything banned by the government or the website itself.

Within the VPNs, you tend to get Free and paid Versions. As we are here to talk about the Free Ones, you will get the details of all the VPNs that are good for Mobile and Desktop. Usually, VPNs that are providing the free Services are also not providing it for free. Why? Because these Website holders tend to Put any third-party apps, the traffic that comes to their VPN can help them earn a tremendous amount of money.

However, you need to understand that not every Free VPN is safe for you to use. Some of them are even run by the Hackers who stole your data and later sell or use it for any bad activity that could harm you. But today, we will be talking about some fantastic free VPNs that are reliable to use on Mobile and Desktop. So without wasting any further time, let’s talk about it in the below section.

List of Free VPNs for Mobile and Desktop:


Hotspot Shield:

Our First Free VPN on the list is Hotspot Shield. Yes, it’s one of the reliable and outstanding VPNs you can use to access any website or details onto your mobile phone without any hurdles. The VPN also comes with a paid version; however, you can easily use the Free Version for almost every mandatory task. The paid versions are ideal for those who are using them for business purposes.

In the free version, you can buy the Time duration by watching 15 to 30 Seconds of Ad. Each ad you watch will offer you the number of minutes to use the App. The best part about using this free VPN is that you can even save them without any expiry date.

With the Free Plan, you can easily Watch or read up to 500MB of online surfing. In total, you can surf up to 15GB of internet data per month. You don’t have any security concerns with this Free VPN for mobile and desktop. Plus, it provides viable countries options. Also, this VPN can provide support to IOS, Android, and Mac users.


Hide. Me:

Hide. Me is another amazing free VPN for mobile and Desktop that you can use in both Paid and Free versions. The free version has pretty much sensible options and features that you can make good use of for your personal or professional needs.

In the free version, you can watch or read the Content online of almost 10GB of data in the whole month. You can divide the 10GB to the entire month to get the details of per day limitation. However, it’s pretty less than the Hotspot Shield VPN.

Just like any other VPN, the Hide.Me also comes with the option of accessing only one device at a time. Moreover, it allows you to use only five servers at one time, which is outstanding. However, for the paid users, the Server limitations extend to more than 50 countries.

The fantastic thing that you will get in is the customer support 24/7. Yes, as a free user, you are helping them earn money through ads. Therefore, they consider that and offer you free support to resolve any of your issues. On top of that, the security services of this VPN are nominal where you don’t have to worry about anything.

The VPN is supportive for Mac, PC, iOS, and android. Therefore, you don’t have to curse the platforms for not being eligible to run this App. Meanwhile, the speed performance of the VPN is brilliant. Therefore, you can play whatever you want without facing lagging issues in the network.


Zen Mate:

Zen mate is a fantastic VPN that can hide your identity in the online world to access whatever website or service that is restricted in your area. The developers of Zen mate have set up secure Encrypted servers tunnels in their services, which helps you access anything by protecting the Country location, IP address, and private information for all of the devices.

The design or template of the Zen mate VPN is set in a way that gives you a sleek and straightforward type of feeling. Yes, you don’t have to worry about anything while using this service. The developers have designed it professionally, which can help any user surf about anything on this VPN without any hurdles.

AES-256 bit Encryption model has been used for the IP address hiding purpose. It’s the kind of Standards that is considered as the best for anyone. Therefore, you will have no issues of security at all while using this Free VPN.

As far as the Countries options, so you will get almost five countries in the free version. However, the Premium version comes from a considerable amount of countries. You can use the free version for nearly 1 hour on a single connection. After that, you need to connect it for the usage purpose again.

Anyone who wants to use it on their Desktop can get the Extension, which will be on to the browser throughout the time. If you are using Google Chrome, so it’s easier for you to get it. Meanwhile, you need to create a free account using Gmail services to use the VPN. Otherwise, it wouldn’t let you use this platform.

In the Last, Zen mate VPN is outstanding in terms of speed performance. Usually, the Free VPNs slow down the surfing speed; however, this one won’t raise any issues. Hence, you will optimal results from Zen mate. Also, it comes with multiple platform support like Mac, Windows, iOS, and android.


Proton VPN:

You can get an unlimited amount of Online Data surfing in the Proton VPN without any need to pay a penny to the Platform Owners. The ProtonVPN free doesn’t come with any limitations of Data surfing. If we talk about the Hotspot shield and, these are the types of VPNs that come with a limited amount of Data options. However, Proton doesn’t have those restrictions. That’s the reason this VPN is on top of the market.

The VPN came in both Free and paid Versions. In the Free version, you can get three countries options to use it anonymously. For a normal type of user, these things don’t make a significant impact on you. Why? Because you only have to access the restricted content, which is relatively easy for you to access with the three available options. The countries it’s offering you are pretty enough to access any content.

The Speed of the Proton VPN is nominal, and you won’t have to face any issues at all. Plus, the developers have used brilliant Security functionalities in the VPN, providing you a sense of relief not to meet any security concerns. However, even the Platform claims that the workers of Proton VPN can’t access what you are doing into the VPN.


Tunnel Bear:

Tunnel Bear design is something that attracts a lot of users to consider it for the usage purpose. However, that’s not the only thing that you need to consider from this platform. Even in the free version, the platform comes with some brilliant features that can make you feel like you are using an outstanding online service for accessing the restricted site.

It’s easier for any online user to access content on this platform. Yes, it comes with a very easy-to-understand interface. Moreover, the speed performance of the tunnel bear VPN is brilliant. You can easily access any Website on this platform without finding performance lagging issues. Yes, it's that support for you to use.

As far as security is concerned, McAfee is the nominal Data security provider in the online world who is offering the same on this VPN to the customers. Therefore, it could be a valid option for you to use this platform.

On Tunnel Bear, the only drawback of this VPN is that you can only use 500MB for the whole month. Therefore, you need to consider this VPN only when you want access to restricted platforms where security is a significant concern. While using this, you won’t have those security issues at all. Therefore, you may have to use it very carefully. It collects minimal data from the Customer, so you can get nominal speed when using their services.