How To Check Mobile Number Detail in Pakistan Name, CNIC, Address, City, ETC 2021

Do you know DBCENTER is the first of its kind to provide you the accurate details about every single telecom companies user data details for free with the latest records you need.

You probably have searched tons of website to find out, where to get these details but unfortunately, you find no authentic website or app that facilitates you with these details.

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You really don’t need to get too technical to use the services of DBCENTER.UK. What you need is to visit the homepage of the DBCENTER Website and search your phone number without “0” and put rest of the phone number into the search bar.

Once you click on the search box that number you have entered that will be processed within millisecond that the results will be shown to you.

There is also an amazing feature that you really want to test. If you have someone CNIC and you don’t have their phone numbers. You can easily get all the numbers against that specified number.

How to Search Phone Numbers Against CNIC?

Well, here we are with an outstanding feature that can give you all the registered numbers of an individual that is registered with top 5 telecom companies in Pakistan.

So, how do you search CNIC and get all the details that specific users?

You need to visit the homepage of DBCENTER main website and search the CNIC and within second you will have all the registered number of that specific users.

Is There Limitations or Restrictions for Data Searches?

A great question. Well, we don’t have a limit to searching the numbers or CNICs for required details that you have entered into the website.

You can search as many details as you want there is no restrictions or limitations or paid servicers. You can pretty much get everything for free without any hurdles.

How Many Telecom Companies Can I Search?

  1. Mobilink
  2. Telenor
  3. Zong
  4. Ufone
  5. SCOM

Can I Search PTCL / Telephone Numbers?

Yes, you can get the details of PTCL numbers even. You just need to enter the telephone / PTCL number into the search bar and click enter.

The details will be shown to you in the shorted period of time.

Is it Free or Paid?

At DB CENTER, we have all the services 100% free of cost. There is no hidden charges and our services are free and it will always stay free for people of Pakistan.

Is the Data Fresh or Old?

The data available on DBCENTER is updated on daily basis. So, there is no doubt that the data is up to date. The data is updated till 2021 and it will be kept updated on daily and weekly basis.