How to Check Numbers Registered on My CNIC

If we talk about the past, there were no rules set-up that specifically where you have to register a Mobile SIM for the usage purpose. This is because so many people would have a lot of SIMS at the same time for their personal or business purpose. Hence, this facility becomes an outstanding opportunity for those who want to use it in a bad way.

Since these types of SIMS have no data record in the backend, most people use them for the practices that have taken the life and wealth of many peoples. After countering this dangerous experience, the Government of Pakistan has come up with a rule, later on, to let the person use the SIM only when it’s registered on their numbers. For that, the CNIC was required to do the whole procedure. Further on, the Fingerprint method was also introduced meanwhile to make this procedure more secure and transparent.

After implementing this procedure from the Government side, the crime rates happening through mobile networks tend to change drastically. Now, every criminal or harmful minded personality has to think twice or thrice before making such decisions as their details would easily come out, and they can easily get caught.

Although, the crime rates have seen a drastic decrement in the past few years. Still, many people tease others by calling them late at night or approaching them continuously throughout the day. For some users, it’s a very painful and stressful situation; therefore, it becomes necessary for anyone to report the person after identifying their names or address, which is possible now.

Besides that, many people have faced the issues in recent times that there are more SIMS registered on their SIMS even they have never registered it all by themselves. Meanwhile, the limitations of SIM registration on one CNIC made issues for the CNIC holder to not easily get a new SIM for whatever purpose.

In both cases, it’s important to identify how many mobile numbers are registered on the CNIC. Luckily, there is a platform that can tell you every transparent data for a Given CNIC to check the numbers. So what is that platform? Let’s discuss it.

What is DB CENTER?

Whether you checked the About us section or not, we want to let you know a bit about DBCENTER. It’s a platform that has been designed after seeing people experiencing failures to identify how many SIMS are registered on their CNIC. Although there are other platforms available, it doesn’t show them the person's address or name.

With DBCENTER, you can easily enter the CNIC number to get the details such as the address and name of the registered person with the same CNIC. So it will pretty much help you with the numbers registered to the CNIC to track them and later block the number from your CNIC to get a new one.

The whole procedure of blocking the specific number is possible with the help of telecommunication companies whose services you are using. It has nothing to do with DBCENTER services. The platform is freely created for the convenience of the Users right now in Pakistan. However, the services will expand to India, Afghanistan, and many other countries in the future. The best thing about DBCENTER is that they update the data on a weekly or monthly basis. Hence, you will get the fresh data for the CNIC you have entered into the Platform.

How to Check Numbers registered on my CNIC through DBCENTER?

First of all, you need to get into the website by putting the official URL address of the platform on the Google search Bar. After entering the details, it will open the website home page for you.

In front of the home page, you will see a search box asking you to put the CNIC. Here, you have to put the CNIC number and then click on the Search icon. After that, the platform will take a few seconds to show the Data.

You will see the list of tables show up on the screen that will hold the lists of mobile numbers registered on the CNIC. The name section will show you the name of the CNIC number that you put, which will be your name. First, however, you will individually get the details of the numbers that are registered with it. Now, list out the numbers that you or the family members are not using. Then, give it to the telecommunication company so they can block it. In this way, you can easily register a new number.

Why should you Use DBCENTER?

Many of you might be wondering that your confidential data is entering onto the platform to get results. Therefore, it might also risk your own identity if you have put it onto this platform. Well, the answer is now.

We are not allowed to mention our identity due to many reasons. Some of them might come to your mind, some of them we don’t want to express to you. The only thing that matters here to talk about is that this platform is designed for free users to get the data. We are here to solve the issues of people facing a lot of troubles due to these confidential experiences.

One best thing about this platform that we want to tell is that advanced technologies have been implemented to make this platform. Therefore, none of the third parties would come up to this platform and harm someone else identity. Everything is safely secured on this platform. If we intended to do something wrong, we would never develop this platform as we could do it secretly. But, over priority is to give something best to the user, especially those who can’t discuss the matter with others and want to sort it out on their own, also want those who can’t go outside to get the same information. Hence, everything is available to their home with just a bit of usage sense to make this platform useful in a positive way.