How to Check Phone Number Details for Free 2021

Technology has advanced a lot in the past few years. Now, the things you have to perform for various reasons tend to happen within the home without waiting for so long, just like in the past times.

If we talk about phone number details, so it was impossible in the past to say that anyone could get it within few minutes. But now, if anyone says that they can check out the phone number details by sitting in their home without calling any telecom company, so, it’s possible.

Yes, DBCENTER has made it possible for every person to check out the details of any specific phone number for whatever reasons. Also, the process of finding the phone number details is accessible. So you don’t need to spend a penny on these things at all. In return, every detail that will be helpful for you will come out to the screen for you.


Steps to Check the Phone number details on DBCENTER?

Step 1: The first step will be to get into the official website of DBCENTER. For that, You have to type “” onto the browser URL address bar. After that, press the enter button so that the website will open for you.

Step 2: After you get into the website, it will show you a search bar. The search bar will ask you to either enter the Phone number or CNIC “National identity card number” details. In your case, you already have the number, so you have to type the phone number on the search bar and then click on the search button.

Step 3: After implementing the above two steps, it will show you the details of the phone number, such as the CNIC, Home address, and Name. If you want to get more numbers associated with the same CNIC, you have to copy the CNIC number of the phone number, go back to the search bar, paste the CNIC, and then click on the Search button. Now, you will get further details for the CNIC that you have entered into the search bar.


Does DBCENTER Safe to Use?

DBCENTER holds a confidential database of information. Therefore, most of you might be the complexions of using it. In general, there are no issues for a user who come into the website to find the information of the desired number. Everything that happens on this platform is safe.

The database we have collected for the phone numbers is with the help of different classified websites and social media websites. Also, we don’t sell any data to any third party. Therefore, whatever is available in our Database can’t access directly by someone else or the third party. Also, we don’t allow our team members to access all of the data by any means. Therefore, anything you will get from here is safe for you. All you will get is the phone number details; therefore, no harmful activities could happen from that information. However, anyone teasing you from the same number can track their address and sue them by complaining to the higher authorities.


Why Do You Have to Use this Service?

The usage of this service is not limited to any specific reason. For example, you might want to get the number of any loved one who is not in contact with you for a long time. The number you have of the person is also dialing-off, but if they have any other number, it will be registered on their CNIC. So for that, you only have to put their old phone number that will curate the CNIC number, which you can again enter into the search bar to get their new numbers if it was registered on it.

Apart from that, the other benefit of using this service is that you can easily track the details of an unknown caller who is continuously teasing you on the phone. Of course, you have nothing to do with the number as you don’t know who is teasing you. In that case, you can quickly put their numbers onto the search bar and click on the search button. In return, you will get the complete details of the unknown caller that you can use to report them.

Besides that, there are many other positive usages of this service that you can consider for personal or business purposes.



DBCENTER is established to provide all the details collection services that used to be paid in the past time. Technology experts design the platform along with the use of advanced technologies. Hence, everything you will perform here would be free and safe to use.

DBCENTER is continuously upgrading its Database, which will help cover as many phone number information areas as possible. Right now, you might not get the details of some specific number; however, the continuous update of this tool makes it possible to put every possible detail for the users in the database. So in the future, you will not get into trouble finding any data.

Besides that, DBCENTER has the reverse number to look up the planning of usage. Here, your identity will remain 100% anonymous, which is a marvelous thing. Meanwhile, it will help to keep 100% security of the person.

DB CENTER also gives you 24/7 support in the platform. Whenever you find any issue, you can easily contact the platform address to get better assistance for the services. On top of that, every detail that is available on this website is authentic. It’s not like we are providing the fake details of any phone number or CNIC. You will get everything up-to-date and accurate.

In the end, we take the pride to say that DBCENTER is Pakistan's first and top SIM Database platform that has the information of more than 150 million numbers. Also, the number is increasing every week and month. Meanwhile, we will be introducing the details of other countries' phone numbers in the future.